Celebrate weddings and birthdays, anniversaries and graduations, promotions and retirements, the onset of puberty and the offtake of orthodontia.  Celebrate new houses, new romances and new babies.   Celebrate old friendships, old cheese and old songs that you remember all the words to. Celebrate the first day of summer, the last day of chemo, the middle of middle age.

Celebrate with a very small piece of very good chocolate or a supersize order of laughter.  Celebrate lost in a crowd or all on your own with just your memories to keep you company.  If there really isn’t anything to celebrate, take some time to think or look or remember and something to celebrate will come along and maybe surprise you.

Celebrate life, God’s gift to you.  And if you can, celebrate with our church: Anniversary Sunday, November 1, 2015.  167 years of worshipping together, praying together, learning together, rejoicing together, mourning together, and for the last 150 years having a building to gather together in for the worship, praying, singing and all the rest of it.  Looking back on those generations of faithfulness and giving thanks for God’s faithfulness through the years, Anniversary Sunday is a time of celebration.   Rev. Kathy Dahmer, minister at Trinity United Church, Lively, Ontario will bring God’s word of grace to us.  Kathy grew up at Pelham and was a candidate for ministry from this church.  A reunion choir of those who sang in the youth choir over the years has prepared some music to add to our usual ministries of music: praise songs, hymns, choir offering.

Following 9:30 am worship, the Nicaragua Serve Team of 2015 will put on a soup and sweets luncheon to raise funds for Sew On Fire Ministries which provided Pelham with hygiene kits and school kits to take to Nicaragua. 

Come and celebrate life, celebrate God’s gift to you, celebrate life together in Christ.  You can never have too many celebrations in your life.